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Если б не было зимы...

  • 5 марта 2010 | 10:34 Весенний букет 

    What's Springtime without a beautiful bouquet of flowers?  Nothing blooming in your neck of the woods yet?  Create your own with AC products!
    Bouquet Supplies: Everyday Felt Flowers (77177) - MyHouse, Stem Occasions Four (89090) - Ribbon, Petal Occasions Four (89082) - Ribbon, Petal Occasions Four (89079) - Ribbon, various buttons


    I used some things I had on hand to whip up this fun flower bouquet.  Stopping in my kitchen, I picked up some skewer sticks and an empty pop can to pair with some bright AC buttons, ribbon, and MyHouse flowers.  You'll also need a needle and thread and then you're all set to go.


    I threaded the buttons onto a felt House flower, making sure to keep excess string on the backside of the flower.  This excess thread gets tied around a skewer stick, securing the flower to the front of the stick.  A glue dot can help hold it in place.

    You can place your flowers in something prettier than a pop can, but I recommend adding flour or sand in the bottom first to help keep your skewer sticks from swinging around.

    This little bouquet is great to set on your desk or on the bookshelf.  A perfect way to brighten up the room before the real blossoms start to appear!